A wedding is an important event in the life of every person, a new stage of life with a series of other joys and worries. The country hotel "Art Village Club" is a modern, comfortable complex that meets all the requirements for weddings. A gorgeous wedding in the Moscow Region is not an exorbitant dream, but a very real chance to realize your dreams at reasonable prices. The quality of our services is much higher than our prices!

The banquet rooms

Loft Hall
is a cozy building for celebrating events on any occasion.
The hall area is 250 square meters and professionally equipped with the concert equipment. Therefore it is suitable for any events designed for the number of guests from 40 to 120 for banquet seating and up to 200 guests for a buffet.
A cozy lobby, high ceilings, textured brick walls, stained glass windows, a spacious summer terrace with wrought-iron furniture - everything is provided for the convenience of your event.
The price for rent is starting from 30,000 roubles per day, the deposit for the menu is starting from 200,000 roubles per day.
Veranda Banquet room
The area of the room is 70 square meters and it is suitable for the events designed for a number of guests up to 40 or with a dancefloor up to 30 guests. 
The room has its own entrance, restroom and dressing room.
The interior design of the room and upholstered furniture will be the perfect complement to any celebration.
The starting price for the rent is 15,000 roubles per day, the deposit for the menu is starting from 100,000 roubles per day.
The Karaoke room
The Karaoke room is perfect for a cozy family celebration or a private party. It provides a separate entrance-exit, an outdoor terrace, laconic design, design furniture, a karaoke system, sound equipment, and a plasma.
Banquet seating is up to 25 guests. The room area is 50 square meters.
The price for the rent is 3,000 roubles/hour, the starting price per person for the menu is 4,400 roubles.
Grill House
The perfect venue to spend events alfresco, in a relaxed setting. The open plan kitchen, street terrace (the outdoor swimming pool is open in summer), light tones of brick walls with floral painting will immerse you into the atmosphere of comfort and freedom.
Banquet facilities for up to 40 guests.
The price for rent is 20,000 roubles/4 hours. The minimum deposit for the menu - 50,000 roubles (at least 2,500 for the guest).

Wedding menu

The chef of La Fermat restaurant offers the author's menu with original dishes for wedding celebrations. We will implement any of your ideas, nothing is impossible for us!  A choice of package and set menus, individual menu compilation is also possible.
We offer a great buffet card with a large selection of canapes, snacks, and drinks for the welcome buffet. You can diversify and supplement the buffet menu with a "Cheese shop", "Lemonade station" or a champagne tower.
The starting price is 550 roubles per person
Banquet menu
Our restaurant La Ferma offers a choice of batch and set menu options for your celebration.
The starting price is 4,400 per guest.
The barbecue menu
The barbecue menu is perfect for the second day of the wedding. Fresh air, the smoke of the barbecue, the flavors of barbecue dishes and the closest people. We will take care of everything, enjoy each other and family life!
The starting price is 2,500 per guest
Lemonade bar
A great alternative to classic juices - author's homemade lemonades. Choose to your taste! Mango-passion fruit, orange-passion fruit, Pina colada, cherry-mint or citrus, your guests will appreciate the taste and serving. The offer is especially suitable in the summer heat.
The bar menu
An extensive bar list will satisfy the most demanding guests. A wide selection of wines and sparkling wines from Italy, France, Spain, Argentina, Chile, and Russia. Liqueurs, author's cocktails and a decent range of spirits.
A champagne tower
A great addition to a welcome buffet table or to a meeting of newlyweds in the Banquet Hall.
The starting price is 5,500 roubles
Cheese buffet
Stylized cheese buffet for connoisseurs of wine, olives, and cheese. "Camembert", "brie", "Gorgonzola", "Gruyere", "Parmesan", "Chevret", honey, nuts, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, cheese sticks, and jam. Foodies will be delighted!
Ceremonial dishes
A highlight of any Banquet will be a ceremonial dish from the chef of La Fermat restaurant. A dish of your choice with serving and cutting in the Banquet hall is a whole action that guests can watch and then taste a culinary masterpiece. Stuffed sturgeon, glazed Turkey, baked leg of lamb or home-made pork. Choose to your taste!
Сooking animation
Do you want to diversify a trivial Banquet with something unusual or entertain guests on the second day of the celebration? The ideal solution for this question is a cooking class or an interactive cooking station. Guests of the celebration are excited to be involved in cooking simple dishes and can contemplate the process of cooking by professional chefs of our restaurant. Interactive, delicious, interesting!

Marriage registration venues

In recent times the offsite registration of marriage has become a very fashionable and up to date event for couples. The main advantage of this ceremony is that young people can arrange the venue of the ceremony at their own request, invite an unlimited number of guests, as well as avoid the standard processions held in the city registry Office. You can also choose any venue you like for the ceremony – a green glade, a covered terrace of the Banquet hall or the Banquet hall itself. The decision of a couple in love to link their fates is a step that requires careful preparation, especially if you want to surprise your guests! 

Guests do not need to know that this registration is symbolic. 
Everything will be touching, beautiful and magical!

The venue №1
The venue № 2
The venue № 3
The venue № 4
The venue № 5
The venue № 6


It is always a pleasure to receive gifts, especially on one of the most important and bright days of one's life – the wedding day! The Art Village Club loves and appreciates the guests. Order a wedding celebration and get compliments from the country club.
The bridal suit
50% discount on the bridal suite (the day before the celebration) and a 15 % discount (on the day of the celebration). Discounts are available for rooms of any category except "Villa", "Standard Duplex" and "Delux".
Guest rooms
10% discount on guest rooms for 1 night, when booking more than 5 rooms.
The registration venue as a gift
The registration venue is given as a gift for a wedding banquet worth more than 200,000 roubles. The venue is equipped with electricity for connecting sound system and wedding wooden white benches (up to 10) with seating for 3 guests per one.

Complementary services

We are happy to offer newlyweds the organization of a wedding celebration "turnkey" or help in the organization of its individual fragments. A modern look at wedding traditions, bold solutions, and competent staff - everything allows you to conduct the most unusual celebrations and holidays according to individual scenarios!
The Art Village Club is a great place to become a venue for one of the most important days in your life!
The special energy of the place, designer interiors, a wide range of services and a high level of service make the most pleasant memories of your stay in our club.
We will hold your celebration taking into account all your wishes!

A pyrotechnic show, fireworks or the launch of glowing balls are the perfect addition to your celebration.

A wedding at The Art Village Club will be a wonderful moment in your life!

Wedding decorations
Wedding decorations are an important part of every wedding. Our decorators will make any idea you have come true!  Romantic decoration of the newlyweds' room, for the photo session "Morning of the bride" and "groom's Fees" design of the reception, the site for the exit ceremony, the banquet hall and stylized photo zones.
The performers and musicians
We will be happy to provide you with ceremony hosts, performers, and musicians for your celebration.
Photos and videos
Photos and videos of the celebration are a memory for a lifetime. That is why the choice of a photographer and videographer for a wedding should be approached with special attention. It is important that they feel the feelings of the couple, catch and implement all their plans, to convey all the feelings and emotions through pictures and frames.
Fireworks and a pyrotechnic show
Special effects for the bright ending of the wedding day. The end of any celebration should be special and gorgeous! A pyrotechnic show, fireworks or the launch of glowing balloons will be a great addition to your celebration.
Stable yard
Romantic rides and photo sessions with horses.
Stylists and makeup artists
We offer you the services of professional makeup artists, stylists, hairdressers. May your image be the most romantic!

Stag and hen parties

There are thousands of ideas where to spend a hen or stag party in Moscow, but we will definitely have a new one and special for you! We believe that the success of the party is creativity and individuality, and we always ready to come up with a brilliant idea to celebrate it, make sure you love it, and implement it in a perfect way! After all, everyone has the right to consider themselves special. At any time of the year, we offer the opportunity to spend an exciting time with best friends. A sauna complex, a hookah room, a karaoke room, and a summer beach by the seawater pool, cheerful friends, sparkling wine, a great party photographer, imagination and a desire to have fun - this is the key to a successful party. On the celebration second day, the Art Village Club offers an outdoor barbecue, a cooking class for a group of friends or family.

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The Art Village Club
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